New interview

We are glad to report a new interview with Igor Ponti about his work.

Only Italian language.


Photo Talk Insolite Geografie

Igor Ponti is pleased to participate in the Agorateca Incontri in collaboration with Choisi bookshop and Artphilein Editions.


Near Talk at Biennale Immagine Chiasso

Igor Ponti is invited to the talk organized by Near, the Swiss association for contemporary photography, to discuss his new project South of no North. The talk will be moderated by the critic Elisa Rusca and the artist's Aline d'Aauria, Gian Paolo Minelli and Salvatore Vitale will also be present. The talk is organized in collaboration with the Cons Arc Gallery.

Tuesday, October 29

6.30 pm

Via Gruetli 1
6830 Chiasso


Presentation & Talk

Parallel to the Biennale, "Borderlines - Città Divise / Città Plurali". Galleria Ramo is pleased to invite photographer Igor Ponti to present his two books on Switzerland and to discuss, with the founder of Galleria Ramo, Simon David of the importance of the "photographic book" as an object-in-itself.

21 Octobre 2017

3 -5 Pm

Via Bossi 12,
6900 Lugano (CH)



Swiss Radio Talks


Igor Ponti with the photographer Gian Paolo Minelli, the gallerist Guido Giudici and the journalist Monica Bonetti talks about photos and cities during the Bi10 Biennale dell'Immagine Chiasso.